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Lugsy's notes


As it is the New Year,i believe it is the right time to give the supporters an update of how things are going at the club.

On the managerial front,Alan Crick sadly had to stand down due to illness. Alan was a great addition,and sadly a big loss, as he was keen and more importantly he was a winner. I'd like to wish him a speedy recovery and hope he may return to the club when much better.

Over the last few weeks I have brought in Jeff Rowlands. Jeff has been successful at a few clubs, his main success was at El Sol in Yarmouth on Sundays,but has also managed at Loddon and Kirkley Reserves in the Ang Combination. His knowledge of local football is a major asset, and he brings a winning mentality which will be key in this difficult league. He is also a players' manager, which i always say is a massive trait for a good manage. He has been a good friend to me through all of my management days, and it seems the perfect fit for the club, aswe work well together.

Nathan Welsby-Burrows is also playing his part in the dugout. He is still young and learning,but he is keen and very motivate. We also now have added Aaron King as our new physio. We have needed this for a couple of months and we are very grateful Aaron has come on board.

On the pitch we are doing OK,probably at school you would say we are a B in exam results,but could clearly do better. One thing is for sure,it is a very tough league; losing the 6 points to Foulsham after they withdrew from the league was a blow,but that's the sad state of affairs of local football, as clubs are struggling financiall. Sadly the FA can see clubs finding it difficult,but still impose fines,mind numbing at the very least.

We have added some very good additions recently,including: Josh Knights,who clearly has fitted in very well,a real talent,and one who will add quality in our forward play; Ash Davies has also joined,young and raw,fast and explosive, works hard; Darrell Wigger is also a fast wide player and has probably settled in a little quicker,for me personally a very astute signing; and Brannan Soloman,very young,full of talent,good on the ball,quick football mind for such a young player, who has had 2 games now,very good at Sherringham and yesterday played a huge part in the final 25 minutes; Shaun Forsyth has signed from Kirkley,a defensive sitting midfielder,makes many tackles in breaking play up,for Jeff and myself another cute signing at the right time.

We are set to sign James Scott this week,a keeper,very experienced,vocal,and a big presence,adds to the competition,and also we have young 16 year old Brandon Ling in goal for the Reserves, who I have been informed is a very good young goalkeeper,who will also be knocking on 1st team door very soon. Credit to Pete for getting him involved,a massive decision by Pete to have a keeper so young,but as he is so talented,the right decision.

The changing room is more together now,good banter and the lads stick together,yesterday being a prime example,not playing well,very poor start,went behind,but dug in,and ground a win out against a side that are physical and capable on their day to beat anybod. Earlier in the season before these additions i would be unsure if we would have won a game like yesterday.

Having Callum Jones back though has to be the biggest movement in our side over the past 5 weeks(he didn't play at Sheringham), as he is full of energy,such a team player,hard worker and above all a winner. He is a pleasure to manage,never lets us down,always gives 100 minutes every game,he clearly for me was the link we were missing.

Congratulations to Craig Hunting on 501 appearances for the club,a real good servant,very good Centre-Half,a leader and a winner,all he ever asks is people give 100%, and it's an honour to have managed such a loyal player. I heard Terry say yesterday he left Bungay for Hempnall,well i am proud to say i got him back from Hempnall in my 1st spell here,a decision that was spot on. I've said on many occasions,if Bungay gain promotion to the Anglian Combination Premier Division it would only be right if Craig was part of that squad,he again this season with Shaun Whiteman,and in fairness with Lee Henwood for 3 games has been professional and been a huge part of a good solid back four,he deserves all the plaudits he gets,well done Craig.

I also would like at this point to thank the loyalty of Nathan Moore,he has played for Reserves on many occasions for Pete,could have left,but has stayed with us,and when asked to play for 1st team he has been available every time,something that very rarely happens in local football today. I know some lads want to play with their mates,which isn't a problem,but surely the club has to come first. We have a good Reserve side,which again includes Stuart Campbell,another player who has remained loyal,they are doing well in their league and Pete Fuller deserves the credit for this,clearly the hardest job in the club,but he is very organised and the Reserves has not been an issue all season,so well done Pete.

Not much i can say about the A team,Dave Went again working miracles,total clubman,always trying to bring fresh ideas to the club,a true gentlemen,and in my opinion totally irreplaceable.

Steven Thompson-Friend is now in charge of the U18s. I've said before that this is such a difficult job,but i'm sure Steven will have boys ready for their next game, despite their long break without playing. Steven again is a clubman,he is also a person who wants to see the boys improve,he works hard with Matt Lowe by his side,both ideal for the job of bringing some youth through to Adult Football.

Good to hear our Ladies team is doing very well,so much hard work from Graham Purling,Mike Derbyshire and Caroline Aldous to get as far as the ladies have got,they clearly are enjoying their football under these 3 loyal people,all good and well done to all of you,the girls get good support,which im sure they are also very grateful. The Fa Cup run they had deservedly gets all the plaudits at our club this season,proof hard work and dedication does gets results,thanks Ladies for doing the club very proud.

And to every single Junior Manager,Parents and Players,all of them deserve a huge pat on the back,a thankless job,with clubs poaching all of our best players,but we still fulfill our fixtures,the youth is the most important side of our club,they are our future,so Thank You and well done all.

I must add a few Thank Yous,Jon Fuller and Tony Sprake on their continued support for what we are trying to do,Kevin O'Beirne for listening to me let off steam on the phone during the week,of course the supporters who stick with us,when we are bad we certainly can hear them,but without their support the club would be nothing,so thank you to you all.

Shaun Cole,who keeps us all busy on Twitter,and with his pictures on Matchdays,might seem minimal to some,but pictures are good to look at and he has certainly made us popular nationwide on Twitter.

Mick Simpson,whose job as Secretary is a minefield - it doesn't help when certain FAs never back the clubs,some of the stuff he has had to deal with this season i can honestly say I've never heard of before. An example was the U18's game at Sudbury etc,clearly a Suffolk FA mistake,but oh no,we are fined for their incompetence,a situation i know personally Mick was quite upset about. This is where FAs have to take a step back and realise they have to support the clubs and not treat them with the dis-dain they clearly think is right,that's why clubs are dropping out of leagues,the FA worry about their bank accounts before the clubs.

The Mark Clay suspension i have to say is clearly a case of this as well,both Suffolk and Norfolk said he could play,we play him,then we get fined,total incompetence.

And finally last but not least Paul Cunningham,our club linesman/Ref's assistant,gets moaned at every game,at times we laugh and say he is too honest,but me personally would rather have Paul than anybody else,he has refereed before as well,he does his best and gives what he sees,it's the worst job in football,and Paul for me does an honest job,so thank you.

And if our game is on against Hellesdon next week, after walking the pitch yesterday after 90 minutes,then thank you to our ground staff, as with Rain forecast i think if we play what a job they would have done. The pitch was very nearly unplayable yesterday,50/50 call from the referee in my opinion,but what a state it looked at 4 o'clock.

Wow,sorry for the huge long boring read,but grateful that it's done,if i have forgotten anybody i do apologise

Happy New Year to you all,




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